Simtex Voice - Busy or Congested when calling from some Telstra services


We've been notified that the issue has been resolved.
Internal testing shows that affected ranges are working as expected.


We have confirmation that the issue is within the Telstra network - engineers are working on the issue.

Next update: 14:30 AWST


Our upstream carrier has escalated the fault and still looking into the root cause.

Next update: 13:00 AWST


We have received reports from callers encountering a 'congested' message or busy tones when dialling certain Simtex numbers using Telstra mobile services. It's important to note that this issue appears to affect only a specific subset of Simtex number ranges.

The root cause of the problem lies with an upstream carrier interconnect fault, preventing these calls from reaching the Simtex voice network. Unfortunately, we currently do not have an estimated time for restoration.

Our next update on this issue is scheduled for 12:00 PM AWST.

Thank you for your patience.

Began at:

Affected components
  • AUS - New South Wales
    • Simtex VoIP and Fax
  • AUS - Queensland
    • Simtex Voice and Fax
  • AUS - South Australia
    • Simtex Voice and Fax
  • AUS - Victoria
    • Simtex VoIP and Fax
  • AUS - Western Australia
    • Simtex VoIP and Fax