Microsoft have confirmed that all services have recovered and have remained fully operational.

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Microsoft have provided an update confirming that they now made changes which have resolved the Teams service disruption. Microsoft update as follows:

Current Microsoft status: Our investigation identified that a portion of service infrastructure responsible for PSTN calling was performing below acceptable thresholds. We've redirected traffic to a healthier portion of infrastructure while we continue to identify what caused this to under perform. We'll monitor the service for recovery and provide progress updates.


We have detected a Microsoft Teams outage this morning which is causing inbound and outbound Teams calls to fail.

From Microsoft 365 Service Health –

Problem making or receiving calls using Microsoft Teams

Impact: Users may be unable to make or receive PSTN calls using Microsoft Teams. More info: Users may receive a connection error "Sorry we are unable to connect you." Users of Microsoft Teams call queues and auto attendants provisioned in APAC may also be experiencing issues. Current status: We're reviewing service failures captured in our telemetry to identify the underlying cause of the issue. Scope of impact: Based on our current telemetry, a subset of users may be impacted by this issue.

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Further updates will be provided as they become available.

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