Sydney Zone - Veeam Cloud Connect Platform Connectivity Issues


We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.


Investigation into Cloud Connect backups jobs failing identified a failure to clear the cacheing of previous established connections after a timeout event between Veeam infrastructure components. Zettagrid Engineers have applied a fix to this process and are monitoring further to ensure backup jobs are resuming normal operations.


Zettagrid Engineers have applied a remediation fix and are monitoring backup jobs and processes further.


Engineers are investigating issues with failed backup jobs on Sydney Veeam Cloud Connect Platform, and are working with the software vendor to address the issues encountered and work towards a resolution.

Additional Status updates will be raised if backup/replication jobs are required to be disabled during the current investigation. Please contact Zettagrid support on 1300597656 if you have any question.

Began at:

Affected components
  • Australia - Sydney
    • Veeam Services