Mobile Broadband Service Disruption


All services have remained stable and fully operational. If your service has not come back online please power cycle your hardware.


Upstream provider has been able to successfully resolve the service disruption. All services have been restored to operational status. If your service has not come back online please power cycle your hardware.


Upstream provider is continuing to work on service restoration of the impacted services. Further updates will be provided when available.


Last night's scheduled works by the upstream provider have failed to resolve the root cause of the issue affecting some Mobile Broadband services. Further works are being performed to address this. Additional information and timelines will be provided once available.


Upstream provider has identified the root cause of this disruption and an emergency fix will be applied as follows:

Start: 26/10/2021 22:00 AEST End: 26/10/2021 23:59 AEST

Customers can expect all Mobile Broadband services to disconnect during the above mentioned period. If services do not return to normal operations after this please power cycle your hardware.


We're aware of a number of Victorian based Mobile Broadband service failing to reconnect after dropping their connection. Some services have been restored by performing a hardware power cycle.

This is currently being investigated under high priority by the upstream supplier.

Further updates will be provided shortly.

Began at:

Affected components
  • Australia - Brisbane
    • Mobile Broadband
  • Australia - Melbourne
    • Mobile Broadband
  • Australia - Perth (Primary)
    • Mobile Broadband
  • Australia - Sydney
    • Mobile Broadband