Issues with Network connectivity in Melbourne Zone


During routine BAU datacentre work to prepare replacement of equipment nearing end of life, a SFP module was removed from said equipment which resulted in an unexpected fatal error taking all services attached offline.

Upon identification of the fatal error, Onsite engineers began to repatch affected services into the replacement infrastructure already installed while offsite engineers migrated customer configurations.

Additional mitigation work was done during change CHG-305 on the 29th of March to fully complete the migration off the nearing EOL infrastructure.


We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.

Technicians have resolved all known issues related to this incident and monitoring to confirm all is OK.
Further details will be posted here once we have them.


We've fixed the core issue, and are resolving secondary issues. Most connectivity has ben restored except some midband ethernet providers services which are being resolved.


We have identified an issue with network connectivity in our Melbourne Zone. Technicians have identified a problem with network hardware and are working on resolving the issue. We do not have an ETA on resolution yet.

Began at:

Affected components
  • AUS - Victoria
    • Compute
    • Internet Transit
    • Ethernet
    • Mobile Broadband
    • NBN
    • Simtex VoIP and Fax
    • Veeam Services
    • VMware Management & VMware Replication
    • Zerto Services